Compared with the outgoing medium of linear, analog TV, internet-connected over-the-top (OTT) transmission seems to offer unrivalled opportunity for advertisers to target and measure their ads, and to attribute those ads through to business lifts.

But that opportunity could be squandered if marketers don’t use technology which has full sight of the addressable market.

That is according to one exec who aims to help them get a better view.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, David Wiesenfeld, Tru Optik’s chief strategist, says OTT campaign measurement and attribution depends on two things: massive scale and cross-device capability.

“OTT is all about specific targeting,” he says. “And the ability to manage campaigns in a very specific level. Without a massive dataset to power that kind of measurement to be able to drive those insight, you can’t do that.

“Scale is hugely important in OTT. There’s tremendous fragmentation… lots of people on lots of different devices watching lots of content at the times of their choosing, and the ads run whenever they run.”

Stamford, CT-based Tru Optik’s solutions include:

Here is where scale’s rubber meets the road.

“We’ve got (technology that can see) 75 million households that represent about 90% of ad supported OTT viewing in the U.S.,” Wiesenfeld adds. “So we know, if we pixel the campaign, we know every single time that campaign was served to which household and to which device.

“(Attribution for) OTT is really going to be the thing that catalyzes TV to becoming a performance-based medium.”

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of the Tru Optik InFronts 2019, NYC. The series is sponsored by Tru Optik For additional videos, please visit this page.