While the world of online ad targeting was suffering from fraud and transparency concerns, television held its head up high.

If digital was being exposed to dark data tactics, good ‘ol TV seemed altogether cleaner.

But what happens when TV becomes digital, when even linear TV ads start getting targeting using data obtained from virtual warehouses in the online ecosystem?

That is what Webbula sets out to combat. For the last 10 years, the company run by Vince Versosimo and Douglas Egeth has aimed to speak “truth to data” – meaning, it offers “hygiene” and verification for email data, plus audience data services that target customers.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Douglas Egeth says the aim is to improve the quality of data which marketers are now beginning to use in the TV environment.

“OTT is an emerging market, it hasn’t matured of course yet,” Egeth says.

“The threats are there and it’s ever-growing and, as it becomes a more mature marketing channel, it’s only going to increase in intensity.

“It’s better to be vigilant now, in terms of making sure those audiences are not just cleansed, but that you’re getting maximum ROI for these fantastic segments that people are purchasing.”

Webbula’s clients include agencies and brands who are looking to understand more about the people described in their audience data segments.

Egeth laments: “Unfortunately in today’s marketplace, there are a lot of false positives and false negatives, so they’re buying audiences that just aren’t real.

“(Some data providers are) not able to really quantify where it comes from, how it is cleansed, how it brought to market and how it is segmented and refreshed.”

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