In 2019, more audiences and more regulators than ever before are concerned about how consumer data is being pieced together from various sources to track and target potential customers.

That comes after Facebook, suffering its own Cambridge Analytica scandal, last year shut Partner Categories, the program which it allowed advertisers to target ads using customer profiles bought from Experian, Acxiom, Epsilon, Oracle Data Cloud, TransUnion, WPP, Greater Data, Quantium and CCC.

So how is a company like TransUnion, a credit scoring agency, negotiating its new business initiative – selling consumer financial data to help marketers better target their advertising?

In this video interview with Beet.TV, TransUnion’s Matt Spiegel explains: “We’re a company that’s been under various regulations given the data we touch for many years, and as the world becomes more and more highly regulated in the marketing space (through) things like GDPR and CCPA and the like.

“We’re used to having a compliance footprint that understands how to deal with regulations.”

So what is TransUnion, a credit score supplier, offering advertisers? Partly, a suite Spiegel calls “Digital Marketing Solution”, partly a data offering to big publishers and ad-tech agencies.

He explains: “How can we take the same type of assets that we have … and apply it to an industry which is clearly becoming more data driven, more driven by data making decisions and have a bigger need for data sciences?”

It’s something TransUnion is now bringing to connected TV, after a partnership with Tru Optik, the OTT targeting and measurement tech vendor, which sees Spiegel’s company invest in the Stamford, CT-based firm.

“What Tru Optik has built is an aggregator of that kind of data stack, that data marketplace, and we think has the best one that we’ve seen in the marketplace,” Spiegel says.

“We loved their approach to the market … being this kind of connective tissue between different source of inventory, different sources of data, to make the ability to transact in this OTT world much more simple and scalable.”

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of the Tru Optik InFronts 2019, NYC. The series is sponsored by Tru Optik For additional videos, please visit this page.