LAS VEGAS – Three years ago next month, when DISH launched streaming service Sling TV, the company had bigger ambitions than just serving addressable ads on Sling. It was the recent measurement deal with comScore that delivered the missing piece: uniformly measured addressable TV for both streaming and linear programming.

Now buyers can reach specific targets—moms with kids who live in a certain area and might have a mortgage—across DISH and Sling combined. “We will go ahead and work with a data provider and find those moms with kids, not only just on DISH but also now on Sling through all of Sling’s outlets,” including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Roku, Apple TV, smart TV’s and Chromecast, says Adam Lowy, Director, Advanced TV & Digital Sales, DISH Media Sales & Sling TV.”

Asked about the growth of addressable in this interview with Beet.TV at CES 2018, Lowy adds, “It’s been a huge business for us. We’ve seen huge growth in the industry.”

What comScore added to the mix was “we wanted one true measurement. This is how many impressions you delivered holistically to that entire addressable audience across all the platforms that those two outlets cover.”

Lowy thinks the potential goes beyond DISH and Sling to a broader industry that wants to expand the potential of addressability for better audience-based targeting and attribution.

“As the industry is starting to evolve and do cross-platform and have live and on-demand television top-tier television as we do on all platforms, this measurement will probably go across the ecosystem and that’s what we see.”

While addressable has been a “hockey stick” business for DISH, according to Lowy, it “just needs more growth.”

When the deal with comScore was announced on Jan. 4, the company became the first to offer services that measure addressable television impressions across all platforms, including over-the-top (OTT).

“It grows the entire ecosystem finds the audience everywhere and it really makes addressable television so much more important but in top-tier premium content,” Lowy says. “We don’t ever want to dismiss how important that premium safe content is. That is what sling TV is.”

This video was produced by Beet.TV in Las Vegas at CES 2018.   Please visit this page for more coverage.