LAS VEGAS – Longtime partners comScore and DISH have crossed the platform threshold, so to speak, with their partnership to provide uniform addressable advertising measurement across the Sling TV over-the-top service and DISH linear television.

The deal gives advertisers a view of their campaign’s performance across Sling’s connected TV, mobile and desktop impressions, as well as linear TV impressions on DISH, explains Cathy Hetzel, Executive Vice President, comScore during a break at CES 2018.

“We do collect information from Sling via the VCE tags that we have, our Validated Campaign Essentials, and we have second-by-second information from the DISH linear addressable footprint,” says Hetzel. “And now we’re able to put those two together so that advertisers and agencies can buy Sling and DISH in one campaign and really look at the reach and frequency from linear addressable plus the addition of the Sling addressable platform.”

Among other things, the partnership highlights the advantage of having linear and OTT under one roof to push the boundaries of cross-platform audience targeting and measurement, bypassing competitive siloes.

“With DISH and Sling, because it’s one location that’s able to execute both the sale of the campaign and then using us for the measurement of that same information, they are out in front of the industry,” Hetzel adds.

With addressable advertising at about $1.3 billion today, most of comScore’s clients still start with linear TV before considering addressable, according to Hetzel.

“We see a future where that flips. Where clients start with their addressable targets and then they expand those addressable targets to linear TV.”

Asked whether addressable TV inventory still consists of the two minutes of local time cable and satellite operators are able to sell, Hetzel says the amount varies but it takes a back seat to the benefits of addressability.

“The cool thing about addressability, though, is it’s dynamic ad insertion. And so it doesn’t really matter how much it is or where it’s located. You’re not inside a pod. You have the opportunity to be able to insert throughout the content.”

DISH Media Sales, which oversees ad sales for DISH and Sling TV, first introduced addressable advertising on its satellite TV platform in 2012 and opened cross-platform addressable advertising across both platforms last fall.

This video was produced by Beet.TV in Las Vegas at CES 2018.   Please visit this page for more coverage.