LAS VEGAS — All the chatter is about Amazon building an advertising business that could rival the biggest platforms in ad sales.

But Amazon could be an advertising partner, too.

Earlier this month, SpotX, the digital video ad tech vendor, announced a deal with the retail giant to make video ad deliver more seamless. And, in this video interview with Beet.TV, SpotX strategic partnerships SVP Jeremy Straight explains the rationale.

“Instead of the client, or the player, calling us for an ad request, it comes from the server,” Straight says. “We send that over to Amazon, they stitch it into the content, and that’s delivered with one seamless stream.”

Specifically, SpotX announced interoperability with the Amazon Web Services cloud suite. Even more specifically, it has connected with Amazon’s Elemental MediaTailor product, part of its AWS Media Services, to certify its server-side ad insertion product.

Those are the technical details. What it should mean is quicker and more efficient delivery for SpotX-derived ads, thanks to the heft of Amazon’s cloud.

“Where it’s important is in connected TV environments, because that’s where we see the majority of server-side ad-inserted placements,” Straight says. “What it does, it streamlines the workflow for publishers using both Amazon and SpotX.

“It also does some other things. It helps with the content being distributed in a more seamless manner because, instead of the ad being called, waiting for any sort of buffering, looking at bit rate, encoding, all that type of stuff, the ad content is stitched with the video content in the same bit rate, the same codec, and it’s delivered right to the player, regardless of where that in-point is.”

This video was produced by Beet.TV in Las Vegas at CES 2018.   Please visit this page for more coverage.