LAS VEGAS — Brands which use the media agency Horizon to buy ads on connected TVs are about to get smarter placements, following a partnership with 4C Insights.

As AdExchanger reported, on top of its Pivot advanced TV platform, Horizon is building a custom planning tool to marry behavioral, attitudinal and purchase data with viewership data.

4C Insights chief product officer Anupam Gupta explains how it works in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“The core, it’s a software platform,” he says. “As an agency, as Horizon, you would log into that platform, you would define your target audiences. Different brands have different kinds of audiences they care about – some use my CRM data, my first-party data, use social data because it gives you real-time signals, use offline purchase data, or other things.

“There’s lots of different data types that have all been brought together in the 4C platforms. So, it makes it really easy to define a target audience that makes sense for a brand and to use that for linear TV, digital activation, social, etc.”

From 4C’s perspective, that data includes Nielsen TV viewing data, smart TV viewership data from 10 million US devices and offline attributes.

The company then connects that targeting data with a brand’s own customer data from its CRM records.

4C’s heritage was in enabling Twitter and Facebook ad buys. Nowadays, it also uses real-time broadcast network monitoring to help advertisers buy social ads in sync with their TV transmission.

This video was produced by Beet.TV in Las Vegas at CES 2018.   Please visit this page for more coverage.