In-home, improved authentication protocols can dramatically improve the consumer experience for TV Everywhere, says Marty Roberts, co-CEO of thePlatform in an interview with Beet.TV. In some cases, log-in failure rates are north of 40% and that’s too high to be sustainable. However, when multichannel video providers implement so-called “in-home authentication” success rates are hitting 80% to 90%.

thePlatform is wholly owned by Comcast.

As the tech hurdles are overcomes and as more content becomes available for TV Everywhere, such as live sports, video providers can focus on better marketing. Consumers don’t need to know they’re watching “TV Everywhere,” Roberts explains. What would be wiser is to use marketing money to move away from the term “TV Everywhere” and to focus on the notion of better ways for consumers to watch the shows they love, he says.

In a just-released report, FreeWheel said that 46% of long-form and live video ad views in the third quarter came from authenticated users, an increase of more than four times from the year before.