Video is primed for more detailed real-time measurement, says John Wallace, CEO of data insights company DataSong, in this interview with Beet.TV about video marketing. In fact, video is a key growth area for the company, which has logged a 60% growth rate in the last few years.

DataSong measures media performance, including click streams to web sites, ad server logs, email, direct email, magazines, TV and more, Wallace says. “We are looking at how media performs and we look at where to pull back and where to increase, how we perform by affiliate, by keyword. We see the ones that do well and don’t do well,” he says.

That insight can then be fed back into programmatic systems where the ads were bought to further optimize performance and boost the yield. He said digital video is making improvements with latency in performance measurement, and the best practice is for marketers to study the performance of ads daily.

We spoke with Wallace last month in New York at an industry event organized by Eyeview, a company that creates personalized video campaigns for brands. You can find more videos from the event here.