As TV Everywhere grows in usage, both client and server side ad technology can play their roles in driving monetization, says Jeremy Helfand, VP Adobe Primetime during an interview with Beet.TV. Adobe has recently added server side ad solution tools.

Adobe’s Primetime platform has “baked in” both ad decisioning and ad serving into its TV Everywhere tools. “You want a client side solution when you are doing things like targeting and counting the impressions served. And on the server side you can more quickly scale devices that might not need as sophisticated a solution, but you can get ad insertions into content more quickly,” he says, adding that Adobe has integrated both via its acquisition of ad technology firm Auditude. “We are focused on both client and server side ad insertion and the difference has to do with the functionality you are trying to achieve,” he says.

We spoke with Helfand in New York at the TVOT conference.