Yahoo is gearing up to launch eight new original comedy shows in early September as part of the portal’s plans to expand aggressively in original content. Jack Black will star in one of the shows and Yahoo will also launch a series of Saturday Night Live clips, according to Variety. The episodes will be available all at once, as Netflix has done with its originals to encourage binge viewing.

In June, at the Cannes Lions festival,  we spoke with Erin McPherson, Head of Video, about the fall comedy line-up. “We are personalizing the network with streams and shows for each and every user. Our comedy offering will be distributed that way,” she tells us. She delves into Yahoo’s programming strategy since Marissa Mayer took over the reins at the company in our video interview, as well as Yahoo’s approach with advertisers.

“It’s essential to listen to the user first and look at what they are watching and interested in and then everything else will follow,” she says.