Interactive features in digital video ads should grow tremendously in the next year, based on the expontential rise in ad campaigns using them over the last several months, says Zvika Netter, CEO and co-founder of Innovid, a digital video and ad serving technology company, during an interview with Beet.TV.

“Interactive is becoming the new normal,” he says in this video interview. Innovid has grown the number of campaigns by 400% in the last year. In addition, the company itself has expanded its corporate reach this year and opened offices in the United Kingdom. The company has since seen 100% growth in the UK each month since June. “Our goal is for interactivity to be part of any campaign,” Nitter says.

In the last year, Innovid expanded its tools to deliver interactivity across all types of video, formats and devices. “We can serve to PCs, smartphones, tablets and TVs. We’re now serving ads into connected TVs,” he says. That includes smart TVs from set makers like Samsung, LG and, soon, gaming consoles.

He adds that Innovid will broaden interactivity further into TVs and gaming consoles in the year ahead, and also plans to experiment with interactive ad formats for tablets. “We are huge believers that this is going to be the next step,” he tells us.

Daisy Whitney