Video advertising solution provider YuMe has launched ACE for Publishers 4.0, a video ad management suite intended for publishers to execute video advertising with minimal expertise.

The service is aimed at upstart video publishers and app developers, since both are content driven, says  Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ed Haslam in this interview with Beet.TV

The company says its AFP 4.0's complete suite includes: AFP Quickstart – a web based software that helps maximize fill rates, increase revenue and scale video advertising, AFP Pro – cloud operation tools designed to help grow advertising inventory and monitor revenue generation and AFP for Service Providers, aimed at OEMS and CE manufacturers wanting to build their own video ad services.

It will provide users with a host of performance metrics, including clicks, impressions, viewthrough rates, response rates, estimated revenue and pacing, YuMe states.

We spoke with Haslam earlier this week at the VideoNuze Summit.

Nitya Rajan