The biggest challenge in online video advertising is proving the "effectiveness of the buy" to the brand marketer, says Anthony Risicato, General Manager of VideoHub, a unit of Tremor Video, in this interview with Beet.TV

VideoHub hopes to change that with its recently announced partnership with Nielsen to incorporate GRPs into online video, a landmark deal for the online video business that will be put to test as the TV upfront season begins in a few weeks.

"It brings the currency of TV GRPs to an online world," Risicato explains. "When you talk to the big brand marketers that's what they're asking about — my reach, my demos."

The Nielsen integration links those familiar metrics into online video campaigns so marketers can assess the performance of online video in the same way they are used to measuring TV campaigns.

Customers can use the GRP metrics and other online video data to see how a video campaign is performing across demos, and to marry the GRP performance with digital performance to better understand which GRPs are driving that all-important brand lift.

"With digital we created new metrics, new stuff, new things to measure that may not be important to the brand marketer. To bring to online a common currency [means] digital video can be measured the same way…For the marketer that gives a sense of comfort and common currency," Risicato states.

VideoHub customers run the gamut from Viacom, Major League Baseball and iVillage on the publisher side, to many Fortune 1000 brands on the marketing side. 

VideoHub at #BeetRetreat

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