Guardian Uses ‘Attention Analytics’ To Amplify Content

LONDON — If “data is the new oil“, The Guardian is sitting on a well. The news publisher has built its own in-house analytics platform, dubbed “Ophan”, to measure dozens of metrics for thousands of stories, chief digital officer Tanya Cordrey tells Beet.TV. “It shows the performance of our content at any moment of any […]


Veenome Looks Inside Videos To Help Advertisers

For advertisers, “viewability” – knowing whether a viewer has really watched their ad – has become an important metric. But some advertisers also want more granular information. Analytics startup Veenome wants to play that role. “We’re figuring out what content is inside the video, indexing the actual imagery of the content, figuring out how many […]


Treat Mobile Ads Like Episodes To Gain Insight: InMobi’s Venkatesh

BARCELONA — Some may say the ad business is like a soap opera these days – but InMobi thinks it should come in “episodes”. “We came up with an episodic learning platform which uses a methodology to work with consumers campaign-to-campaign,” says mobile ad network InMobi‘s head of products, brand and commerce Preetham Venkatesh. “If […]


Unruly’s Kosinski: Superbowl’s Best Ads Touched Down Weeks Before Kick-Off

Historically, the Superbowl has been the big TV event on which advertisers will spend big to reach big audiences on one hit. But, in the social video age, what does the Superbowl opportunity look like? “Back in the day, everyone waited to see that ad,” says Unruly Media‘s US president Richard Kosinski. “We’ve actually found that 60% […]


Nielsen’s Hohman: TV Nets ‘Hungry’ For Cross-Platform Data

VIEQUES, PR — Advertisers are keen to to buy campaigns across TV show makers’ many multi-media tentacles – but do TV networks know how to price a cross-platform show. That’s where measurement comes in, says Nielsen’s agency solutions EVP Dave Hohman. “Lots of agencies and advertisers are asking for integrated multi-screen campaigns,” Hohman tells Beet.TV. “It’s […]


Analytics Firm BrandAds Aims to Measure Video Across Screens

Most brands are still measuring video ads by display metrics, but that’s not the most effective mechanism for the medium, says Avi Brown, CEO of analytics firm BrandAds. His company aims to provide additional insight for video marketers into whether their ads are being seen by moving beyond “banner metrics” of clicks, impressions and completion to […]


Akamai Casts Its Diagnostics Eye Over More Video Services

Time was, Akamai was a plain old content delivery network. Then it began offering video distributors Sola analytics tools to track audience behavior and quality of video service. Sola‘s latest addition this year, Viewer Diagnostics, aims to tell advertisers and video service operators just how well end users are experiencing their video. “We can see […]


AOL Launches Video Insight Tool to Provide Deep Data on Views

COLOGNE — Everyone in media nowadays is eager for more data to inform their business. Now AOL is hoping to bring more data to every part of the video value chain, launching a new tool called Insights. “There’s such a big gap right now,” AOL Networks international SVP René Rechtman tells Beet.TV in this video […]


Tremor’s VideoHub Unit Gets Video “Viewability” Tool Certified by MRC

Tremor Video’s VideoHub unit has gotten industry certification from the Media Ratings Council (MRC) for its viewability measurement tool, which determines the  placement of videos on web pages, plus engagement and other metrics, the company announced today. We spoke with VideoHub general manager Anthony Risicato about the issue of viewability video players advertisers.  He also […]


Akamai Has Diagnostic Tool for Individual Viewer Performance

BOSTON – Akamai has expanded its analytics offering to include new functionality to track the individual viewer experience and consumption history, explains Noreen Hafez, senior product marketing manager, in this interview with Beet.TV.  We spoke with her at the Brightcove PLAY customer conference earlier this week. She explains the value of the new offering to […]


Akamai Touts Deep Analytics Products for Video

MONACO – Akamai, one of the world’s leading providers of cloud infrastructure and CDN services, is expanding its media services with a range of deep analytics tools, explains Bill Wheaton, SVP and GM of Media, in this interview with Beet.TV


Nielsen: Measuring Reach, Sales Lift Across Online & TV

NEW YORK — Americans are watching nearly 35 hours of video per week across various screens, and that’s why Nielsen and others are trying to find the best approaches to measuring cross-platform consumption, says Andrew Feigenson, Senior VP Ad Platforms and Networks at Nielsen.


Nielsen: “Facebook has Become Our Panel for Measuring the Online Universe”

Last year, Nielsen partnered with Facebook in a program called online campaign ratings. Through this arrangement, Nielsen can now tabulate 30-50 percent of total online exposure to any particular ad campaign, says Andrew Feigenson, SVP for Advertising and Platforms at Nielsen, in this interview with Beet.TV


Adobe Forges Deepening Ties with the Ad Business

CHICAGO — Software and services company Adobe has deepened its roots into the advertising business to span creative, data, technology delivery and other areas, says Cary Goss, Head of National Sales for Adobe Video Advertising, during a fireside chat with with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz at the Beet.TV Advertising Leadership Summit in Starcom’s Chicago offices late last month.


Digital Advertising Needs Big Data, TV Comps, comScore’s Joan FitzGerald

CHICAGO — Given the sheer number of operating systems and devices, mobile advertising is a challenging medium to measure, but it could benefit greatly from so-called “big data,” says Joan FitzGerald, VP of TV & Cross-Media Solutions at comScore. Beet.TV interviewed her at the Beet.TV Video Advertising Summit in Chicago to discuss advances in mobile and online measurement.


Adobe Says First-Party Data is Driving Media Marketplace: Launches SiteCatalyst as Advertising Tool

CHICAGO – Adobe's widely deployed tools for monitoring and collecting first-party data, including SiteCatalyst, are powerful tools for advertisers who seek deeper addressability in their video ad planning, says Cary Goss, Head of National Sales for Adobe Video Advertising, in this interview with Beet.TV


Commentary: Screen Optimization, Tailored Creative A Must for Digital Campaigns, Analyst Swartz

Marketers using the conncted TV platform should include interactivity in some form in their spots, says Ashley Swartz in this commentary on connected TVs. In her analysis of a recent YuMe-Magid report on connected TVs, Swartz advises marketers to boost the creative to take advantage of the ROI opportunities in the connected TV market.


Connected TV Viewers Interact, Respond to Ads, Yume/Magid Study

Connected TV users are receptive to advertising, with 90% of viewers saying they notice ads on the platform, according to research conducted by video ad technology provider YuMe in partnership with research firm Frank N. Magid. Travis Hockersmith, Senior Director Client Strategy at YuMe, shared the findings of the study with Beet.TV. 


U.S. Video Services Company Tapped to Stream London Olympics Video in China

PLAINVIEW, NY – NeuLion, the digital video services company based on Long Island, New York, with offices in Canada, China and the U.K. has been selected by China's main national broadcaster, CNTV, to stream over 5600 hours of live and on-demand video of the London 2012 Olympics.


Iranian and Russian 24-Hour English-Language News Channels Gaining Traction via the Web, Russia is Huge on YouTube

LONDON – State-supported, English-language  Russia Today (RT) and Iran’s Press TV are building a “loyal following” via the live news aggregator Livestation, says the company’s CEO Lippe Oosterhof in this segement from the recent Beet.TV video journalism summit at the Financial Times.

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