As consumption of media fragments moves increasingly to digital, big brands are looking to their agencies for ways to associate with hard-to-reach audiences.

Agencies in turn are working with content creators to build original campaigns. Not television commercials, but series and long form content with a brand message aimed at specific audiences.

Such an alliance has been forged between Digitas, the big digital marketing unit of Paris-based Publicis Groupe, and EQAL, a Los Angeles-based content studio whose founders launched lonelygirl15.

EQAL did the production work for the Real Women of Philadelphia with Paula Deen, a program for Digitas client Kraft Foods.

At Advertising Week last week, we caught up with John McCarus of Digitas and Greg Goodfried of EQAL to talk about this emerging new medium.

Earlier, McCarus moderated a panel about building audiences around new content plays. Worth a watch.

For more on the topic, check out this piece on by Troy Dreier.

Andy Plesser