Affine Systems, a small San Francisco-based, venture-backed start-up built around machine learning, has created a technology to "rip apart video frame by frame," enabling advertisers to associate ads with desired content.

Largely under the radar, the company is working with YouTube and many of the major video ad networks and advertising technology platform providers including, TidalTV, DBG, TubeMobul, Collective Media and AdBrite.

CEO Michael Sullivan says in this interview with Beet.TV that contextual advertising for video is finally here and his company has "access to 85 percent of the buyable online video."

In addition to the value for advertisers, Sullivan says his company's tools can help niche publishers with valuable content getting discovered and properly compensated.

The technology was created by Sullivan and his co-founder Bobby Impollonia while they were undergraduates at Harvard. 

Andy Plesser