SAN JOSE, Calif — The Flip, the pocket-sized HD video camera that is popular with high-profile video bloggers and a growing number of consumers, is finding its way into the corporates suites of Proctor & Gamble, Cisco, and other big companies as a new, easy-to-use communications tool.

Cisco bought the Flip’s parent company last year. Recently the networking giant has created an ecosystem around the Flip, allowing users to upload the big files to a cloud drive and to share on a variety of devices.

Last month Daisy went to Cisco’s world headquarters in San Jose for a number of interviews for Beet.TV and our syndication partner NBC Local Media.

Ken Wirt, VP of Consumer Marketing at Cisco tells Beet.TV that the Flip is a powerful tool for executives to communicate.

Cisco Makes Big Move in Server Market

Today, Reuters reports that Cisco has major upgrades to its line of servers as it is taking on cloud services competitors IBM and HP directly.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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