BigThink, the video site featuring stylized video clips of leading thinkers in culture, politics, the economy, and academia, is expanding its scope in the academic world, Victoria Brown, co-founder and CEO told me.

The site has established content relationships with Duke, Emery, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown and will expand considerably in the months ahead.  Victoria’s firm is working with video production departments at these schools to produce clips in the appropriate format.

Known for its videos of big names like Ted Kennedy, the site is expanding to important “thinkers” who are not necessarily famous.  Victoria says in this clip that the popularity of clips are about the personality and the message of the subject, not necessarily the person.

Duke behavioral economist Dan Ariely is one of the rising stars, on the site, she says.

The site was launched early last year. on Campus Too

Another prominent video site for influencers in society,,is also making a big push to gather more content from college campuses, including Georgetown University and  Dartmouth College.  Content on this site is mostly symposia and lectures.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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