While the open video movement seeks an environment free of licensing fees for software, Adobe is supportive of the movement.

We caught with Adobe's Jen Taylor in New York last month at the Open Video Conference where she was a speaker. She said that much of Adobe tools on the Web are free.  Furthermore, she says that the big software company is collaborating with the HTML 5.0 movement.

Jen is director of Flash content creation at Adobe.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Video Transcript

Jen Taylor:  We think HTML 5 is wonderful. We're actually actively participating in the HTML 5 working group on the W3C. We're excited to see the community innovating and taking HTML to the next level; we think that's the right thing for the industry and something that's really needed, especially around video, we're excited to see them embracing video as an important medium for creative professionals. You know, we hope that HTML 5 achieves the promise of innovation and that it's embodied and embraced, you know, quickly and consistently across browsers, and we're gonna actively work to make that happen. In the meantime, of course, we're gonna continue to innovate around Flash and…as a way to offer interactive rich experiences across all operating systems, all browsers, and all screens.

Andy Plesser:  Now there's discussion. Is Adobe a closed or…it's a proprietary system, but it can be used without buying the tools, or you know, how much of Flash is a black box and how much of it is open? That's sort of something on people's minds here.

Jen Taylor:  Sure, it's always difficult to identify percentage black box, percentage open, but you know I think it's fair to say that the majority of what anybody needs to deliver content in Flash or even potentially, you know, innovate on top of the platform is available today and, you know, as I think I discussed in the panel today, obviously ActionScript, the primary language is an open ECMA based language. We have an Open Source Compiler that's freely available and we also recently opened up the specification for anybody to use royalty free. So, you know, people can innovate and embrace and work on top of Flash quite easily.