TechCrunch just put up a stationary web camera in its Palo Alto HQ to stream live video. Heather Harde, CEO of the scrappy tech blog, has figured there's both an
audience and sponsorship dollars around the live stream.  Beet.TV has signed up as the first sponsor.

OK, so it's not exactly thrilling television and you won't find insights or scoops into the workings of the
power tech blog empire, but Michael Arrington's black lab is very cute.  And, it's good to see these journalists working in a nice, well lit space, getting around on a Segway. (See screen grab below.)

We expect that there will live reports and other programming emerging on the channel before too long.  The "CrunchCam" as it is called, will be promoted soon from the home page of TechCrunch. (update 5.7 – it is promoted from the home page now.)

Our funky ad was hand written on white cardboard by Heather and placed on an easel. Nope, it's not a slick, dynamic overlay ad but that's just fine.  

TechCrunch is a very important syndication partner for Beet.TV and drives about 25 percent of our video views.

So, thanks Heather for asking and thanks to TechCrunch for being supportive our work here. All the best with the live streaming effort. 


Andy Plesser, Executive Producer