There's concern among publishers big and small about how to "monetize" online video, particularly in light of recent reports which have scaled backed ad growth forecasts.

Surely publishers with smart content connecting with valued audiences will find a growing revenue opportunity, but the medium is not just about advertising.  In fact, the vast majority of online video has no advertising and never will.

Thousands of colleges, artists, politicians, churches and businesses are putting up videos without the slightest expectation for monetization.  Ads are not the point for them, it's all about communicating with their audiences — and growing them.

We explored this topic at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable last month in San Francisco.

Tim Napoleon, chief strategist for digital media at Akamai, the world's largest operator of networked computers for content distribution,  explains the power of video as a training marketing and communications tool. 

Alex Castro, founder and CEO of Delve says that video will be increasingly the medium of the workplace as so many young people have gained video editing skills.

Last week, we published a story about how Sun Microsystems is using video as a communication platform.  Expect much from this trend.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer