LAS VEGAS –  HD video is becoming a larger part of the online video ecosystem with nearly a third of computer users viewing HD content. 

Revenue around this content will reach $2.2 million by 2012, this according to a new industry study by IDC, commissioned by Akamai.

Earlier this week at the NAB convention we spoke with Suzanne Johnson from Akamai.  She explains the appeal of HD to consumers who will watch this sort of content 50 percent longer than standard def fare.

Akamai provides content delivery network services to many broadcasters and video pubishers and sees a big upside in HD 

She explains that to make delivery practical in a world of varying bandwidth connections, the industry will embrace "adaptive streaming,"  a technology which provides a constant viewing experience regardless of changes in connection speed.

We reported on Microsoft's efforts in adaptive streaming on Wednesday.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer