, the Atlanta-based company which provides video search software, has an agreement with to crawl, "listen" and create text metadata around video clips.   The first implementation is on the Inauguration Player page.  The page provides a great deal of multimedia clips going back to FDR.  I've pasted a screen shot here.

This story was first reported on Friday in the Wall Street Journal, although there was no mention of Nexidia. Cory Bergman of Lost Remote had a post about the new player also.

The quest for metadata in the form of speech-to-text is a bit of the Holy Grail for publishers.  EveryZing has been making progress in providing solutions, as we have reported.  Adobe will soon be embedding text transcriptions into edit workflow.  Nexidia curently has an implementation with Avid, the professional video video editing system.  We have also reported on plans at YouTube to provide more rich metadata through speech to text. 

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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