For several of the biggest TV news operations, this will be an Inauguration to share, literally.  Over the past year, most of the major broadcast news operations have made a decision to provide a sharable embed code which allows smaller Web publishers and bloggers to publish live video feeds.

It will be interesting to see how many views actually come from the video player used on external sites.  On this page, we have embedded the Inauguration video player

Just a year ago, Beet.TV broke the news that was the first major broadcaster to provide sharable codes for its videos.

We like the player.  On the plus side, there are no pre-roll ads when the stream starts, and the video begins when you hit play.  On the down side, unlike the player on the home page of, there is no full-screen option.

We will publish posts with live players from CBS News,

How cool is this to be able to watch this historic day right here on Beet.TV!

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer