Here at Beet.TV, we have a keen interest in the business opportunity for small online video producers to create large numbers of quality of videos, at low cost — and make a profit.  That’s a business model we at the purple channel aspire to. Seems that some of our colleagues are making substantial progress.

According to Tim Shey, co-founder of NextNewNetworks, a Manhattan-based producer of over a dozen web video series around special interests, it’s the "low cost quality provider" who wins in the video ecosystem.  At the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable recently, Tim said that his company is taking in revenue in the "hundred of thousands per month," and is streaming 20-30 million videos per month and is "half way" to profitability.

Also in this segment, BigThink CEO and co-founder Victoria R.M. Brown talks about the success of her start-up which features brief, stylized inteviews with leading academics, politicitans, artists and others.  She says the company, which is less than one year old, is profitable.  She explains the business model in this segment.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer