What a fantastic group of media and technology leaders who came together at the digital cafe at 30 Rock on Tuesday for our online video roundtable and live streaming "show." YouTube, MySpace, AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!, CBS Interactive, CNN, MSNBC, CondeNet, Dow Jones,  Ogilvy, The New York Times Company, eMarketer, along with key emerging new companies, BigThink, Blinkx,, Brightcove, Kyte, Mogulus, NextNewNetworks, The Newsmarket, TurnHere and Truveo participated. 

The live show was carried on Beet.TV, TechCrunch, CNET,
AlwaysOn, Lost Remote, Online Video Watch and others.  Mogulus
powered the stream.

Coming out of the event has been news and analysis published by The
New York Times
, TechCrunch, Wired,, TVNewswer and

Here at Beet.TV, we are busy editing a wealth of great content from the sessions and from one-on-one interviews. We will
publish many clips over the next few weeks.  We have already published
session segments about breakthroughs in monetizing downloadable media
and how search and discoverability works for MySpaceTV, YouTube, Truveo
and Blinkx.

Many thanks to our host Charlie Tillinghast, president and
publisher of and his fantastic staff.  Also thanks to my
co-moderators Dan Farber, Editor-in-Chief of CNET and Erick
Schonfeld, co-editor of TechCrunch.

And thanks to everyone who has been supportive of Beet.TV over the past 30 months.  It has been an exciting adventure and Tuesday was a real milestone. 

Below, left to right, is me, CNET Editor-in-Chief Dan Farber and Chet Rhodes, Deputy Managing Editor for multimedia at the  Thanks, guys, for coming!


Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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