John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate last month may have helped him attract a wider female audience of online video viewers, according to numbers Nielsen released today. Fifty-eight percent of his website’s online video viewers last month were women, compared to 37 percent in June.

Barack Obama has had a consistently higher percentage of female viewers on his website than McCain, however, even in August; last month 63 percent of his viewers were female. He also had more unique video viewers than his opponent last month, 824,000 to McCain’s 475,000. Video streams for the candidates were neck and neck, with Obama receiving 1.3 million and McCain receiving 1.2 million.

John McCain’s campaign independently chose to use Blip.TV, a free service, as its video hosting platform. Andy previously asked Blip.TV CEO Mike Hudack about the number of video streams McCain receives on Blip, but Hudack declined to comment, per their company policy. I posted one of McCain’s campaign advertisement videos about Sarah Palin, listed as a top video on his website, above. Some of the charts from the Nielsen press release are below.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer