Although numbers of comparative visits to the Obama and Clinton campaign are not that different, the time spent on videos is far longer on the Obama clips by a margin of 3-1.  These are the results of a report issued today by Nielsen Online, VideoCensus.

Traffic to John McCain’s site was modest compared to the Democratic candidates:

Our assumption, based on the results, is that the Obama videos are more compelling.  I interviewed John King, CNN’s National Correspondent last week.  He said that the Obama campaign was more "agressive" with online video.   Evidently, it shows.

The Obama numbers were good news for the folks at Brightcove, the company that provides online video services to the campaign.  Josh Hawkins, a spokesperson for Brightcove, told me:

"Barack Obama’s organization has done an
incredible job using the Brightcove Internet TV platform to infuse the campaign
website with frequently updated video content and smart syndication strategies
across the Web."

Note: We originally posted the John King interview last week.

— Andy Plesser