Results from a year-long study on high-tech electricity meters in the Seattle area has found
smart grid technology performed as intended, saving consumers about 10
percent on their bills while easing strain on the power grid, reports Martin LaMonica on CNET

Here in Manhattan, the networked lighting and shades in the new New York Times Company building, connected by 18,000 computer-connected controls, are expected to save some 40 percent in energy costs, the company says.  Here is my interview with  David Thurm, VP and Chief Information Officer of The New York Times Company, who explains the impact of the networked system.  He also explains the energy-saving of the building’s ceramic rods.

— Andy Plesser

Disclosure:  This video is part of a series of documentary videos
created for The New York Times Company about its new headquarters
produced by Beet Media.  I am very proud of the work done by my
producer David Kavanaugh and our team.  This and our other clips about
the Times building can be found on The New York Times Company web site.