We have been facinated by Justin.TV and Justin Kan.  His wearing a live webcam on his baseball cap is much more than a publicity stunt, it’s a demonstration of the viability of live video origination and broad distribution via embed code. 

Beet.TV has learned from a source at Amazon, that the streaming Flash media files created by Justin and his company’s expanding numbers of channels, are distributed by Amazon.

Amazon has made a big push in Web services and in providing content delivery services (CDN) to small and large video publishers.  We understand from industry sources that Amazon is deeply underpricing the charges of established CDN companies like Akamai.

Above is an interview that I did with Justin in Hollywood in May.  it has been previously been posted on Beet.TV

Update: 8.3: Big Oops! This is not a scoop — thought it was, but turns out that Amazon made a reference to it on its blog a few weeks back.  Thanks to my buddy Dan Rayburn for keeping things straight.

— Andy Plesser

Grab the embed code of my interview with Justin

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