Online video advertising is hot because people are engaged and click on video ads at higher rates than standard advertising, a new report by eMarketer has found.

Viewers of in-stream advertising, watch at a rate nearly double the rate of standard ads.  While click-through numbers might appear low, less that one percent, the study has found that viewers of in-stream videos click-through .74 percent versus .40 percent for standard ads.

Now, click-through is only one measure of success and lots of folks say that brand awareness is more important to successful advertising, but this is one bit of encourage news we can use.

Amanda Congdon Goes Madison Avenue in Online Advertising Campaign for DuPont





Speaking of online advertising, series of online ads from DuPont has just debuted. The ads are about the value of Kevlar, the bullet-proof material.  They feature vlog superstar Amanda Congdon.  Why is this product advertised in this medium, I have no clue.  Our colleague Jeff Jarvis, the BuzzMachine, has had a role in pulling this together  Read his post here.

Andy Plesser

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