ScrollMotion: A Revolution in Motion Graphics, Defining a New Form of Video for Apps

ScrollMotion, a 100-person, fast-growing New York City start-up, has developed an enterprise solution for publishers and companies to create unique, video-rich Apps for the Apple iOS and Android platforms.


Video: Scribd Launches “Float,” New Reading App for the Web and iPad

Scribd, the San Francisco-based document sharing company, has launched an App to read a variety of text files on the Web and on the iPhone, the company announced today.


Vook Raises $5.25 Million Venture Round

Vook, the Emeryville-based digital publisher has raised a series A venture round of $5.25 million, the company announced today.


Our Daisy Whitney Gets First Novel Published by Little Brown

Many of us know Daisy Whitney as one of the sharpest observers of the online video scene, having written for many years for Television Week, and now contributing to VideoNuze and Beet.TV and others. 


Starz Partners with Penguin for Video-Enhanced iPad Series of Ken Follett Book

Premium cable network Starz has partnered with book publisher Penguin to create an “amplified iPad edition” of Ken Follett’s bestselling book “Pillars of the Earth.” 


Apple’s iPad to Crowd Amazon’s Digital Book Business

With Apple’s iPad hitting the market in a matter of days, the computer giant’s entrance into tablets and eReaders is expected to give the digital book business a boost.


Long-Form Journalism Is Not “Entirely Dead” and e-Readers May Give Rise to Entirely New Forms, The Economist’s Daniel Franklin

LONDON — In August, Josh Tyrangiel, then managing editor of and now editor of Business Week, told Beet.TV that long-form journalism on the Web is "not working." 


Could the “Fast Food” News Creation Approach Work for Video? We Don’t Think So

WASHINGTON, DC — Creating quality, enduring online video news content doesn't need to be expensive, but it has to be done with skill and credibility.


Adobe Aims to Dominate Software Format for eReaders

Adobe sees a big growth opportunity in the emerging eReader market, says Bill Rusitzky, who heads media alliances for the software company.


Book Publishers, Authors Launching iPhone Apps

The book industry is feverishly trying to reinvent itself with new digital versions of books, and now a handful of authors are turning to the iPhone for help, Daisy Whitney reports in her New Media Minute.


Publishers Push MultiMedia Books

As the book business struggles to adjust to the digital age, some publishers are testing multimedia books and Web sites for popular authors.


Update: Google Confirms U.S. Justice Department and State in Inquiries into Book Settlement

Dow Jones reports this afternoon that the U.S. Justice Department has requested information on the proposed settlement for Google Book Search. 


JibJab’s Founders: Online Video Success Doesn’t Depend on Advertising

Scott Kirsner here… long-time fan of Beet.TV, first-time guest blogger. Like Andy, I’ve been following the evolution of online video as an incredibly powerful new distribution channel for content, writing in the Boston Globe, Variety, the NY Times, and on my own blog, CinemaTech.


Simon & Schuster and TurnHere Launch Ground-Breaking Online Video Program for Authors

Click To Play   Publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster launched today an ambitious program to create and distribute short-form online videos of authors.   The videos have been created by TurnHere, the Internet video studio/distribution company based in Emeryville, California. Clips of 40 authors have been produced and many more are planned.  The videos have the […]


Online Video Ad Have Double Click-Through Rates of Standard Ads, eMarketer Reports…Will Amanda Help Sell Kevlar for DuPont?

Online video advertising is hot because people are engaged and click on video ads at higher rates than standard advertising, a new report by eMarketer has found. Viewers of in-stream advertising, watch at a rate nearly double the rate of standard ads.  While click-through numbers might appear low, less that one percent, the study has […]


Jarvis Goes Deep with Clue Train Manifesto’s David Weinberger on Folksonomies, Tag Clouds and Blogging Ethics….

  Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Jeff Jarvis the vlogger! With his great video coverage of Davos under his belt, I asked him to handle some interviews for Beet.TV at the AlwaysOn conference in Manhattan this week. Here Jeff has a talk with Harvard’s David Weinberger, one of the co-authors of […]


Newsweek’s Steven Levy: Apple’s iTV Is Cool but Long Way from Web/TV Convergence — How Steve Jobs Stole Vegas

  Click To Play View a transcript of this interview I caught up with Newsweek’s Steven Levy on Saturday at the Manhattan studios of Beet.TV. It was a little post New Year’s get together with our good friends and colleagues — so that explains the noise in the background — and the wine created a […]


Chris Anderson’s Long Tail is a Wonderful Book — and He Sure Knows How to Party!

Adblock Adblock Above are some of the attendees at last night’s The Long Tail book party [Download video to your computer | Upload to iPod, PSP] Congratulations to Chris Anderson, editor in chief of WIRED magazine on the publication of the long anticipated book The Long Tail. After reading the blog of the same name […]