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How is video found? Well, metadata, peer rankings, audio search, phonetics analysis and more.  But video can found through satellite photography. Yes, my friends, this is true!

Google Earth has been providing a link from its satellite images of Northern California to video clips about sightseeing destinations. These clips are produced by a company in Emeryville California called TurnHere.  The company produces terrific, short destination videos from a network of independent filmmakers. The films are guides to San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, but the scope is expanding. I interviewed founder and CEO Brad Inman a few months back on Beet.TV

One big booster of TurnHere is William Randolph Hearst III who has become a private investor in the company.  In this interview, Mr. Hearst talks about TurnHere and explains how the Internet is creating entirely new opportunities to produce and syndicate video material.

From Outer Space to Your Desktop: Turnheregoogle

Here’s a screen image from Google Earth of the Bay Area with little TurnHere flags where videos can be found.

CNET’s Webshots Starts Video Uploading

We just saw a post about Webshots, the photo sharing site of CNET Networks, today announced the introduction of video uploading on the company’s blog.  This development was first posted this morning by Marshall Kirpatrick at TechCrunch.  Interesting comments follow.

Andy Plesser

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