Video Discovery Engine Taboola is “Crack for (Publisher) Addicts” Quips Tremor’s Jason Krebs – and Beet.TV is Hooked

MONACO -  News publishers who have traditionally relied on display advertising and who are seeking to make a significant business with online video need to dramatically increase video views, says Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola, in this conference segment.


Hyperlocal Movie Buffs Find Storied Locales on Foursquare

MONACO — AnyClip, the company which creates rich metadata around theatrical films, including dialogue and production location information, is integrated into Foursquare, allowing film buffs the ability to discover the location where films have been shot.


AOL, “World’s Largest Curated Web Video Library” Serves 410 Million Video Views, comScore

MONACO — AOL Video, which includes original programming, has achieved considerable scale with the acquisition of Web video syndicator 5Min.  Today, comScore reported that AOL served some 410 million video views in October.


Madison Avenue on Edge over Online Video: “Advertisers are Schizophrenic,” Tremor’s Jason Krebs

MONACO –  Both attracted and scared by the opportunities to get their brands widely disseminated on the Web via online video, many advertisers can't make up their mind about a distribution strategy for their ads.  


German Start-up has Four Million Facebook Movie Fans in the U.S.

MONACO – Moviepilot, a Berlin-based social networking site which recommends and drives moviegoers to opening weekend screenings, has recently launched in the U.S. and has some four million fans on Facebook, says Tobi Bauckhage, CEO and founder, in this interview with Beet.TV.


Danish Start-up Finds Traction in Creating “Video Centric Websites”

MONACO — A Copehagen-based start-up called 23 is finding traction in offering a publishing platform for companies to create "video centric websites," part of a content management system (CMS), says CEO Thomas Madsen-Mygdal in this interview with Beet.TV.


New Online Video Directory Claims 50 Million Monthly Users

MONACO — TV Links, a video directory which indexes and curates over 2000 video programming sources, is growing by 20 percent month-to-month and now has 50 million monthly users, says Adrian Constantin, CEO of Interakt Media, the parent company of TV Links.


The Filter Gains Traction with Telcos, Mobile Operators, Cablers

MONACO – Recommendation engine The Filter is aiming to capture a slice of the burgeoning entertainment discovery service market via deals with telcos, mobile providers, cable operators and programmers to improve engagement with content, said Rhett Ryder, Chief Operating Officer of The Filter, in a recent interview with Beet.TV.


Audience Syndicator Alphabird Acquires Media Social, Refines Video Targeting Tools

Audience-targeting video syndicator AlphaBird will be expanding its brand and its offerings this quarter, driven by two recent acquisitions, the company's CEO Chase Norlin said in an interview with Beet.TV.


60 Excellent Minutes in Monaco with Ran Harnevo, Jason Krebs, Chase Norlin, Rhett Ryder and Adam Singolda

MONACO  — The emerging opportunities around video recommendation, syndication, advertising and new platforms for distribution were among the topics discussed at the Monaco Media Forum on November 10th by this outstanding group of industry leaders.


Mining Deep Metadata in Hollywood, AnyClip Partners with Warner Brothers

MONACO — AnyClip, a company that creates rich metadata around premium content, has signed a licensing agreement with Warner Brothers, the company announced earlier this month. 


EPIX Headed to Microsoft’s Xbox and iPad in December

MONACO — EPIX, the premium entertainment service available on television, on- demand, online and on consumer electronic devices, will be available next month on the Microsoft Xbox and the Apple iPad, says Emil Rensing, Chief Digital Officer, in this interview with Beet.TV.


The Arab Spring and the Rise of Niche Web Programming

MONACO — In the wake of the Arab Spring and the loosening of the grip of state-controlled media, new content creators are emerging in the Middle East.


Yahoo Sees Big Upside in Post Arab Spring

MONACO – One of the profound impacts of the Arab Spring has been the transformation of the Internet from an entertainment medium to an essential information source, says Rich Riley, SVP/MD of EMEA for Yahoo!


AOL Video, “Next Generation TV Network”

MONACO- With premium programming, affiliated content creators and broad distribution across multiple devices, AOL Video chief Ran Harnevo refers to his company as the "next generation television network." Marketplace Has Top Ad Agencies, Video Ad Nets and DSP’s, CEO Amir Ashkenazi

MONACO – has become an enormous electronic marketplace for online video advertising, with the participation of the top 15 video ad networks, 14 of the top 15 ad agencies and all of the DSP’s, says Amir Ashkenazi, founder and CEO, in this interview.


Digital Video Guide “Fanhattan” Launches on the iPhone

MONACO – Fanhattan, a new digital director for video programming, has launched on the iPhone, the company announced today.


Time Inc. Readies Apps for All 21 Magazines

MONACO, Cote d'Azur — Time Inc. will publish all 21 U.S. magazine as Apps in January, says Paul Caine, Chief Revenue Officer of Time Inc., in this interview with Beet.TV.


“Social Video Exploding” with 300 Percent Growth, Visible Measure’s Brian Shin

MONACO, Cote d'Azur — Brian Shin, CEO of  Visible Measures, the big Boston-based video analytics firm, says in this interview with Beet.TV that "social video is exploding," up 300 percent year over year, with billions of these clips shared daily.


Machinima, a “Third Wave Television Network,” Claims One Billion Monthly Views on YouTube

MONACO – Cote d'Azur – Machinima, the Los Angeles-based video site for video gamers, is a kind of "third wave" of a television network, says CEO Allen DeBevoise in this interview with Beet.TV.

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