TV’s Fragmentation Lets Brands Reach Audiences Better: DIRECTV Advertising’s Cordes

CANNES — The proliferation of connected TV services is giving viewers more choice – and advertisers more challenges. But, ultimately, the new opportunities to reach viewers is a win for brands, according to one TV exec. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brian Cordes, Head of Client Partnerships & National Offices, DIRECTV Advertising, says the new […]


AI-Powered Emotional Ad Matching Lifts Ad Metrics: Wurl’s Crofut

CANNES — Can you put a price on emotions? For advertisers, Wurl, thinks it has found a way. The company offers tools for video monetization, allowing advertisers to deliver content across various platforms. Its latest product, BrandDiscovery, allows advertisers to precisely match their ad with the context and emotion of a scene, right before the […]