MONACO –  Both attracted and scared by the opportunities to get their brands widely disseminated on the Web via online video, many advertisers can't make up their mind about a distribution strategy for their ads.  

Jason Krebs, Chief Media Officer of Tremor Video, the industry's biggest independent online video ad network, says in this segment that "advertisers are schizophrenic" in dealing with the emerging medium of online video. They want "viral hits" and anything "social," but they are cautious about where their ads will play, he explains.

His comment comes after Chase Norlin, CEO of Alphabird, addresses the emerging marketplace for online video advertising.

This is an excerpt of a one-hour session I moderated at the Monaco Media Forum. You can watch the entire session here.

Below is Krebs's on-stage presentation at the Monaco conference — he is on-stage with his (sleeping) infant in a baby harness.

Andy Plesser


Disclosure:  Tremor Video sponsored Beet.TV's coverage of the Monaco Media Forum and this site during the the month of November.

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