Microsoft’s Ferris: Half Of Gamers Use Xbox For Multimedia

CANNES, France — Once upon a time, it was just a games device. Now, Microsoft’s Xbox consoles are used to consume TV, video, music and other content. “Gaming is the core,” says Microsoft’s advertising GM, Scott Ferris. “Over half of people who buy Xbox for gaming end up using it as their all-up entertainment source.” […]


Disney Apps’ Reboot Improves Kids’ Engagement

SAN FRANCISCO — The Disney/ABC Television Group says it has increased kids’ engagement with its mobile apps by refreshing the line-up through adding games to video last month. “We’ve already seen some of the stickiness increase,” the group’s video products and technology VP JR Grant tells Beet.TV. “(They place) an emphasis on getting more content types […]


Mobile Is Killing Consoles’ TV Dreams: Author Lovell

LONDON — With added TV and video features, the recent launches of the next-generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles has seen Microsoft and Sony move further increments closer toward their dreams of being living room entertainment super hubs. But that’s a “flawed strategy”, says one analyst. “The Xbox One strategy is … based on […]


Storm8 Aims To Double Its Mobile Gaming Network

BARCELONA — The developer behind some of the biggest mobile social games is offering to help others monetize their apps. “We are taking on third-publishing – that will change our model,” says James Peng, head of user acquisition and monetization at Redwood City, California Dragon Story and Bubble Mania developer Storm8. “We’re helping to launch games […]


‘Twitch’ Set To Boom With Xbox Tie-Up, iOS Software

When Microsoft announced last month that Xbox One players will be able to broadcast their live gaming sessions via the Twitch.TV platform, many people could have been forgiven for asking: “Twitch who?” But the announcement was a crowning for the former Justin.TV, the livestreaming service that was so often home to illegally-streamed content. Now the […]


“Angry Birds” is One of the Biggest Video Channels “On Planet”

CANNES – One of the world’s most popular games could also become one of its most pervasive video brands, after Rovio added its Angry Birds Toons cartoon channel to its mobile apps. “Overnight, we updated 1.7 billion games back in March. We’re doing over 100 million views a month,” Rovio chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka told […]


IGN Broadcasts E3 2012 On Xbox LIVE

Global entertainment website, IGN, is broadcasting live coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012 on the Xbox LIVE for the first time says Peer Schneider, Publisher and SVP for Content, in this interview with Beet.TV


The “Addressable” Electorate: Microsoft Xbox LIVE and 2012 Presidential Election

Microsoft's Xbox LIVE, the fast growing gaming console, which has become a primary video consumption platform for some 40 million users around the globe, allows advertisers to reach highly specific audiences according to interests, gender, location and other factors. 


Xbox LIVE is Emerging Platform for News Videos's Xbox LIVE app is getting considerable traction as consumers are using the gaming console to watch video news on their television screens, says Stokes Young, Executive Producer of in this interview with Beet.TV


CNN’s iReport at Five Years: “Core of How We Tell Big, Breaking Stories”

On Tuesday (August 2), hundreds of citizen reporters around the world will attend Meetups organized by CNN to mark the fifth year anniversary of its iReport.


Video Site Metacafe Launches Video Game Destination

SAN FRANCISCO  – Metacafe, one of first and biggest online video destination, has been building various special interest areas including one for movie fans.


Kinect is a New Advertising Platform for Microsoft

MONACO —  Kinect, the new device for the Xbox console, which allows players to control the game with their untethered bodies, will be a significant, new advertising platform, says Carolyn Everson, head of global advertising sales for Microsoft.


“Game Time is Prime Time” as Microsoft Xbox LIVE Audience Reaches 23 Million

Microsoft's Xbox LIVE has some 23 million subscribers with two million watching concurrently.  With such a big, engaged audience, Microsoft has created a hybrid media environment for advertisers seeking to reach 18-34 year-old males.


Facebook Connect Implemented by 80,000 Web Sites — Gaming Is the Hottest Application Sector

PALO ALTO — Facebook has 80,000 sites using Facebook Connect in addition to the 500,000 applications on Facebook, according to Ethan Beard, who heads up the company's developer network.


USA Net Goes Online With Digital Games for “Burn Notice” and “White Collar”

LAS VEGAS — As one of the top-rated cable networks, USA continues to bet heavily on digital extensions to grow and nurture audiences for its programs, said the network’s digital strategy VP Jesse Redniss.


Microsoft’s Xbox is a Fast Evolving Broadband Video Platform: Zune has 25,000 Clips of Premium Content

Introduced originally as videogame console, the Xbox from Microsoft is fast becoming a powerful video viewing device with the introduction of Zune, the new video streaming platform.


Pando Has P2P Distribution for Major Video Game Publishers

Pando Networks, the New York-based peer-to-peer provider, which is working with broadcasters including NBC, is now working with major game publishers to distribute big files as big as 6GB, we have learned.


Intel Capital to Invest in Online Advertising Measurement and Analytics, also PC Gaming Tech

This difficult period for start-ups will produce many important companies, as happened in the last tech downturn, says Sita Vasan, a senior officer with Intel Capital, one of the the world's biggest corporate investors.  


iPhone Could Rival Nintendo DS as Mobile Gaming Platform

As video game publishers introduce more games for the iPhone, the device will become an increasingly used video game platform, says Libe Goad, editor-in-chief of AOL's, a popular guide/information portal about video games.  While rudimentary games for the iPhone are popular, such as TapTap, more sophisticated games are coming to the iPhone soon, including […]