Canoe to Deliver Interactivity to Multiple Cable Operators This Year

New York-based Canoe Ventures has created a technology for cable subscribers where they can interact with programs and commercials in a more Web-like experience. 


Uncle Walt: iPad is a “General Purpose Computer”

Walt Mossberg, technology columnist for the Wall Street has one of the first reviews up of the iPad. He says it has the potential to challenge the whole user interface of personal computing.


News Corp’s BSkyB Gaining Ad Traction with Online Offering and “TV Everywhere” Play

LONDON — BSkyB, the satellite programming service, is getting considerable traction with its online offering, including sustained advertising rates and engagement, which averages 26 minutes according to Nicola Clarke, an executive with the company.


Media Executives Live in Apple’s “Beautiful Fascist Environment,” Kara Swisher

SAN FRANCISCO — Media executives have a love/hate relationship with Apple. They admire the elegant design and usability of its products but decry the restricted "walled garden" that Apple puts up for content creators.


Top CBS Exec Wary of iPad’s Video Content Distribution Costs

SAN FRANCISCO — While the iPad is elegant, distributing a new type of video file along with formats for other emerging platforms such as HTML5, it could create unexpected costs for the the industry, says Anthony Soohoo, SVP at CBS Interactive in comments during the Beet.TV Online Video Executive Roundtable that took place on Wednesday.


Rip/Save/Edit/Share Videos — RealNetworks Has Editing Tool for RealPlayer SP

RealPlayer SP is a desktop application that allows users to save streaming, online video files, including YouTube videos,  to a local drive to watch and then move to connected mobile devices and Facebook.


NBA Breaks Record with 17 Million Video Streams of All-Star Game

NBA Digital reports that it had 4.95 million video streams of the All-Star game on Sunday, February 15, with a total of 17 million views, which is 20% more than last year.  Andy met up earlier this month with Bryan Perez, Senior VP & GM of NBA Digital to discuss the developments in the NBA's […]


iPad Lackluster Despite E-Reader Capabilities…and No Flash Support

After months of hype, Apple introduced its new iPad tablet today, which boasts a $499 price but is unlikely to wow folks in the digital media or TV business.


Yahoo Says “Connected TV” Product will Ship in 5 Million TVs to 16 Countries by Q2

LAS VEGAS, NV –  Yahoo has expanded the scope of its "Connected TV" with several new television and consumer electronics manufactures and expects the platform to be in as many as 5 million Internet-enabled television sets by the end of June, we have learned.


CES 2010: New Stylish HP Netbook for Business Users Priced Under $300

LAS VEGAS — HP unveiled a new line of stylish 2.6 pound netbooks with a very attractive price point.  The basic unit starts at $299, and with Windows 7 installed they start at $329. 


HP Rolls Out Powerful Video Collaboration Service for Free with New High-end PC’s

LAS VEGAS–HP, the world biggest computer maker is making its HP SkyRoom video conferencing software and service available for free on its new line of business notebooks and workstations.  The announcement was made at CES.


Video Demo: HP Has 2 GB “CloudDrive” in New Netbooks

LAS VEGAS–At CES, HP announced a new line of PC's and netbooks, their inexpensive and powerful mini PC's that come with storage drive mapped to an external "cloud." 


Flash on the iPhone Would Be Nice, but Not Essential, Brightcove’s Jeremy Allaire

Flash for the iPhone would be helpful to developers and programmers, but it's not essential in getting the rich interactivity of Flash on the iPhone, says Jeremy Allaire, one of the principal developers of Flash.


Microsoft’s Xbox is a Fast Evolving Broadband Video Platform: Zune has 25,000 Clips of Premium Content

Introduced originally as videogame console, the Xbox from Microsoft is fast becoming a powerful video viewing device with the introduction of Zune, the new video streaming platform.


RealNetworks Claims 100 Million Downloads for RealPlayer SP

RealPlayer SP, A small desktop application from RealNetworks, which allows users to save and share Flash videos, has been downloaded 100 million times, the company said today.


Adobe Aims to Dominate Software Format for eReaders

Adobe sees a big growth opportunity in the emerging eReader market, says Bill Rusitzky, who heads media alliances for the software company.


Streaming Media West Download: Broadband-Enabled Devices are Big

SAN JOSE, CA –  Streaming Media West, the annual industry gathering of broadband executives, drew a bigger crowd this year then last and the focus has changed from delivery and distribution to devices and content, says Dan Rayburn, head of the show.


New Apple TV Subscription Service: Not so Fast, Cautions Forrester’s Bobby Tulsiani

Earlier this month, Peter Kafka at MediaMemo reported that Apple has a new initiative to sell broadcast and cable programming via iTunes for a monthly fee of $30.


Mobile Video is Getting Higher Ad Rates than Online

Transpera, the largest mobile video delivery and ad network in North America, has lined up many of the industry's leading publishers including,, Showtime, Disney, and MTV.


Roku Introduces Two New Devices

Roku, the the alternative set-top box provider in the video market and is now expanding its line of players today from one to three, the company announced this morning.

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