Apple iPhone 3G has Easy Set-up with Microsoft Exchange

So, one of the big drawbacks for corporate e-mail users with the iPhone was the lack of integration with with Microsoft Exchange. This has all changed with yesterday’s introduction of the iPhone 3G, the software for the new device and an upgrade for the earlier version.


USC Lab Will Speed Progress Toward Content Transportability

Consumers want access to digital content anytime, anywhere, but it’s going to take a unified commitment from Hollywood and the consumer electronics industry to make that happen. To move this ambitious agenda along, David Wertheimer, director of the University of Southern California’s Entertainment and Technology Center, established the Anytime, Anywhere Content Lab to bring innovators […]


Mossberg: iPhone 3G Has Weak Battery Life and Expensive Data Plan

(11/11/2008 update: We had to take this video down because the copyright expired. Our apologies.) Always good to get Walt Mossberg’s take on new gear. Tonight the Wall Street Journal published his print and video review of the new Apple 3G iPhone. We’ve embedded the video here.


CBS and CNET Have Video Synergy — Natali Del Conti and Harry Smith Go Cross Platform

Natali Del Conti,  CNET Senior Editor and host of "Loaded," is finding some good exposure from the acquisition of CNET by CBS which closed this week. Natali has been doing several appearances on the CBS Early Show over the past few weeks.  Now CNET is returning the favor by publishing a video of Harry Smith […]


"True 3D" Is Coming to the Living Room in Two Years, Hollywood Producer Sandy Climan

LOS ANGELES — I caught up with in Hollywood producer Sandy Climan earlier this month at OnHollywood to talk about 3D.  He heads up a Burbank-based start-up called 3ality Digital which is creating 3D viewing for film and television.  (Not for computer screens, yet.) He produced the U2 "3D" concert film which debut at Sundance […]


Robert Scoble Marvels at Video Gear at Vlog Fest

One of the coolest things about Vloggercon is all the digital and video cameras. Imagine 400 vloggers with everything from tiny digital cameras to professional camcorders. What a scene. Scoble is very proud of his Sony HD. (Beet.TV uses the Panasonic DVC 30) In his comments, he really frames the power and value of video […]


Gadget Guru Says New Generation of Inexpensive Video Cameras will Fuel “Clip Culture”

The Beet was wondering how all these video clips are being made and posted to the ‘Net in such extraordinary numbers.  Do kids have all these camcorders?  We asked our tech guro David Carnoy Executive Editor at who told us that many people record video on digital cameras with the "movie mode" function.  He […]

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