Roku, the the alternative set-top box provider in the video market and is now expanding its
line of players today from one to three, the company announced this morning.

The new
versions include a higher-end model with Wi-Fi and a lower-end model
with just standard-definition streaming, with today's existing box
sitting in the middle from a capability point of view.

The Roku box allows viewers to watch Web video on a television set.

Once the
new lines are introduced, Roku plans to focus on its upcoming channel
store, through which it will offer a new range of content from smaller niche Web
providers like,, Revision3 to mainstream content providers including Major League Baseball.

Roku will continue to sell its existing player called the Roku-HD. The new versions are Roku HD-XR for $129.99. The Roku
SD player will sell for $79.99.

The Roku
HD will remain priced at $99.99 and enables both SD and HD streaming.
Roku has been steadily growing in penetration and counts well over
100,000 users. Most notable content partners include Netflix and Amazon.

In August, Andy interviewed Jim Funk who heads business development for Roku.  We have republished the interview today.

Here's today's take on the announcement from Engadget.  And, a report from CNET.

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer