After months of hype, Apple introduced its new iPad tablet today, which boasts a $499 price but is unlikely to wow folks in the digital media or TV business.

The devices marries iPhone functions with laptop capabilities, but lacks storage and doesn't multitask well. It does, however, contain a full-color e-reader so may make a run at Amazon's market leading position with the Kindle.

Steve Jobs did not announce any new content partners from the TV and film business so the device is unlikely to be a Hollywood game-changer.

One big drawback, it doesn't provide Adobe Flash  support which is the predominant platform for online video. Although some YouTube clips and be watche and  other video service companies including Brightcove and can have their videos seen, by using Apple's SDK to modify files.  Very limiting scenario of the online video world at large.

More to come.

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer