Exclusive Video: YouTube Seeks to Close Lag Time with New Online Editing Tool

SAN BRUNO, Calif  — Late yesterday, YouTube launched an ambitious new product to allow users to edited uploaded videos in a range of file formats.  


Big Screens Loom Large for Web Video: Revision3 Says 40 Percent of Views on TVs

Revision3, the San Francisco-based producer and distributor of entertainment Web video, has found that over 40 percent of its viewers watch shows on Web-connected televisions.


eBay has 10 Million iPhone App Downloads: CEO Expects $1.5 Billion in Mobile Commerce

LOS ANGELES — eBay sees a growing opportunity in mobile commerce and expects to record $1.5 billion in revenue via mobile devices this year, CEO John Donahoe told Beet.TV on Wednesday after his on-stage presentation at the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital conference.


Meet Verizon Wireless Spokesperson John Johnson, A Viral Video Sensation with 500K Views

With half a million views in four days, John H. Johnson, a communications exec. for Verizon Wireless has become a Web video celeb for uttering these 10 words on camera: Verizon has "no plans to carry the iPhone in the immediate future."


Verizon Has No Plans for Apple Support in the “Immediate Future”

LOS ANGELES – Despite relentless speculation about the imminent support of the iPhone and iPad in the U.S., there is no plan for Verizon to support the Apple mobile devices in the "immediate future," John Johnson, a Verizon Wireless spokesperson told Beet.TV in this video interview.


Junk the Satellite Truck: Here’s the World’s First Mobile H.264 Video Encoder

Not many gadgets were on display at Streaming Media East earlier this month, but this was my favorite:  a portable, battery-powered video encoder, which we understand to be the world's first.


Kyte Announces Android Application Framework and SDK

Kyte, the San Francisco-based online video services provider, announced today an Android application framework and SDK allowing publishers to easily create custom apps for the Android.


Roku Claims Two-Hour Daily Consumption for Its Users

Roku, the little black box that connects the Internet to television sets, has sold over 500,000 units, and its owners use it over two hours a sitting, Roku spokesman Brian Jaquet told Beet.TV in this video interview.


Boxee Readies Payment Solution with Vindicia — Working on iPad Platform

Boxee, the software platform that allows Internet users to watch IPTV on their computers and television sets, is readying a payment systems for programming.  


Ads on the iPads, Dollars in Your Pockets

Apple said Monday that it sold one million iPads in the first 28 days of release, reaching that milestone for the tablet computer faster than it did for the iPhone.


NAB Gadget: iPhone-Controlled Teleprompter Looks Handy to Us

LAS VEGAS — The Teleprompter is an essential tool for newscasters and public speakers.  A much less expensive device from Prompter People allows speakers to control the the flow of displayed text with their iPhone.


Chris Anderson: Tablets to Reach Advertising Rate Parity with Print Publications

SAN FRANCISCO — The tablet computers, which provide a more engaging, extended interaction with content, akin to reading a book or magazine, could be a big boon to publishers, says Chris Anderson, editor in chief of WIRED and author.


Adobe’s New Premiere Allows Editing of Native HD Camera Files at “Blistering Speeds”

LAS VEGAS — The much anticipated release of Adobe's CS5, the suite of creative tools for graphics, web design, and video editing, includes some significant improvements in Premiere, the widely used video editing program. 


Kyte has Full Video Ad Monetization “Workaround” for iPad

While a number of publishers and video service providers are scrambling to create a system to  insert and manage ads around video for the iPad, Kyte has a system in place, according to Gannon Hall, COO.


Zagat Has a Mighty Tasty Restaurant Guide for the iPad

Zagat, which has one of the most popular paid iPhone apps, has launched an app for the iPad.  Subscribers to the popular iPhone app can use their guide on the iPad  at no additional cost.


Daisy’s Las Vegas Dispatch: The Word on the NAB Conference Floor is 3-D TV

LAS VEGAS — At this year's National Association of Broadcasters show, 3-D television continues to be the hot topic both on the show floor and in the hallways, as producers and programmers try to figure out how to convert their shows to the new format.


3-D TV Looks Amazing, but the Future is Fuzzy

SAN FRANCISCO — The future of television may be pervasively three dimensional, but the technology could be a passing fascination, says CNET senior editor John Falcone.  It is just too early to say. 


Play Ball: Boxee Has New MLB.TV Application — Integrates Kyte

Boxee, the developer of software that allows users to connect PC's to television to watch Web video, has just announced a new application for MLB.TV.   Separately, Kyte announced that its videos are integrated into the Boxee system.


The Problems with the iPad and Streaming Video

While the iPad may be a marvelous and elegant new kind of computing device, and our show looks very nice on it indeed, the inconsistent WiFi connection and subsequent buffering is insufferable for consuming streaming video.


Cisco Sees Flip Camera Catching on with Corporate Users

SAN JOSE, Calif — The Flip, the pocket-sized HD video camera that is popular with high-profile video bloggers and a growing number of consumers, is finding its way into the corporates suites of Proctor & Gamble, Cisco, and other big companies as a new, easy-to-use communications tool.

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