“Generic Girl” Creators On Producing Content For An Online Audience

LAS VEGAS — Producing content for an online audience is an entirely different ballgame from producing content for a television or film audience, thanks to the open dialogue that exists on the web between creator and consumer.  At the IAWTV Awards at CES, we spoke with Steven Wasserman and Victor Solis, the creators of live […]


Global Post Meets Growing Demand For Foreign News

Global Post, an online news site producing some 150 international daily news stories a day, across video and print platforms, is meeting a growing demand for foreign news says Solana Pyne, a senior Global Post Video Producer, in this interview with Beet TV.


Veteran ABC News Exec Paul Slavin Finding the Formula for Web Video at Big Health Site

Paul Slavin, the veteran news producer and executive at ABC News who left the network last year, joined the big health destination site Everyday Health where he is creating an ambitious slate of video for the Web and television.


How Kara Swisher Gets Her Scoops: “Tasers and Idle Threats”

Here on the streets of Manhattan last week, we spoke with Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor of All Things Digital,  about her Loeb award and her definition of blogging (it’s the same as reporting, she says).


BoingBoing Slows Original Video Production, Focuses on Curation

SAN FRANCISCO — BoingBoing, the popular blog about technology and culture, has dialed back significantly from producing original daily packages to presenting mostly other’s videos, says David Pescovitz, co-editor, in this interview with Beet.TV


SAY Media to Bring Brands and Content Creators Together in Unique Ecosystem

Videoegg's recent acquisition of blog company Six Apart, forming a new company called SAY Media, means that content creators can now monetize content through a sophisticated ad network and brand advertisers can reach a global audience comprised of some 340 million uniques monthly impressions, says Matt Sanchez, CEO.


SAY Media’s Matt Sanchez On Opportunities Ahead for TypePad Bloggers

Last month, VideoEgg, the online video ad network announced it was buying SixApart, the big blog platform company which operates Movable Type and TypePad.


VideoEgg to Acquire Blog Software Concern Six Apart

VideoEgg, the online video technology and marketing company, will acquire the giant blog software company Six Apart in a deal to be announced tomorrow.  The new company will be called SAY Media.


Robert Scoble, Four Years After Microsoft: New Camera, PR Gig, and a Growing “Scobleizer”

It was four years ago today that this blog had its first big scoop:  Robert Scoble, the ground-breaking video blogger and social media evangelist at Microsoft, would leave to join a Silicon Valley start-up.


Anonymous Economist Writers Get Initials on Posts — New Technology Blog Launches Today

LONDON –  The  lack of a by-line for  Economist writers provides a high degree of access, which is a big benefit in the reporting process, says Executive Editor Daniel Franklin in this interview with Beet.TV at The Economist's headquarters. 


AOL May Scoop up Mashable, Report

Ryan Tate over at Gawker reports that AOL is in discussions to acquire the big social media/tech blog Mashable.


Republicans Embracing YouTube with “Tons and Tons” of Uploads…but No One Beats Nancy Pelosi’s Cat Video

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Stung from  the 2008 election losses, Republican members of Congress are uploading videos to YouTube in much greater numbers than Democrats.


CNN Now in “Horse Race” with Huffington Post and Daily Beast

CNN.com has taken notice of the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast as "opinion destinations" and wants to be a "horse in that race," CNN.com General Manager KC Estenson told me last night, after the industry introduction of the revamped CNN.com site.  (transcript below)


NBC Local Launches iPhone App for Company’s Microblogging Platform

NBC Local, the network of 10 regional U.S. Web sites created around television stations, is expanding its microblogging platform called SoMyCity to the iPhone with a new app which launched this week.


HuffPo Launches Technology Section — FCC Chair, Jimmy Wales, and Others to Blog

The Huffington Post, the Web's most influential blog, is launching a technology section today edited by Jose Antonio Vargas, former Washington Post reporter. 


Microsoft’s Trailblazing Corporate Videoblog has 4.5 Million Monthly Visitors

REDMOND, WA — Companies seeking to harness the power of videoblogging need to look at Channel 9, the pioneering site launched back in 2003. 


Amazing but True: Most Online Videos Found Via Blogs, Industry Report

TubeMogul's David Burch says that an analysis of video discovery has found that blog are the biggest referrer of video views.


BoingBoing Relaunches Video Channel with World’s Biggest Player!

BoingBoing, the popular and influential blog about culture and technology, has had video for sometime and now it's bigger than ever, literally.


With $25 Million in the Bank, Huffington Looks to Local Expansion….Blogging for HuffPo is “Not a Job”

Today in New York, the Huffington Post launches its New York local site.  This is part of big roll out of local and "hyper local" sites planned, says Arianna Huffington in this video interview with Kara Swisher.


Bloggers Link Up with Video Ad Network Powered by VideoEgg

Six Apart, the San Francisco-based blog hosting and software company, has linked up with VideoEgg, the video ad network, to offer bloggers the opportunity to integrate interactive video ads.

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