Blogger Dominates after 10 Years, but Who Was First?

Ten years has been been a period of extraordinary growth for Blogger,  Erick Schonfeld reports on TechCrunch.  The Google property is by far the most popular, he finds.


Why Blog When You Can Tweet? Anil Dash Explains

In the era of Twitter and Facebook, having an individual blog is essential as it is "yours,"  says Anil Dash, the chief evangelist for SixApart, the big San Francisco-based blog software company.


VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall Gears up for DEMO

Matt Marshall, editor and CEO of VentureBeat, the authoritative technology and finance blog, is gearing up for his first year as co-producer of DEMO, the 20-year-old tech conference. 


Dana Perino: President Obama’s Online Strategy is “Great”

NEW YORK — Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary to President George Bush, thinks that President Obama's use of online video for his weekly addresses is "great." 


Video RSS Feeds Boost Viewership by 10X, CEO

Video RSS feeds, made publicly available by many video publishers, lead to high levels of consumption by subscribers, according to Sean Doherty, founder and CEO of


Fashion Blog is Driving Historic Traffic to

Since it evolved into a news site in 2006, has been building a sizable national audience.  Fashion has been a big traffic driver and Fashion Week in New York and brought historic traffic to the site, according to a report in Mediabistro's WebNewser.


For Advertisers, Nielsen’s BuzzMetrics Turns Social Media into Data

Small blogs with an audience of 10,000 to 20,000 viewers might have a difficult time selling advertising, but advertisers should sure be listening to what they're saying, according to Jon Gibs, VP of Media Analytics at Nielsen Online. Nielsen's BuzzMetrics services can help turn the collective influence of the blogosphere and other social media channels […]


YouTube Has New Channels for U.S. Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At the Google offices in Washington, D.C yesterday, Andy interviewed YouTube’s Head of News and Politics Steve Grove about the site’s new Congressional Web pages. There are separate pages for the House and for the Senate, and the offices of all senators and representatives can start their own channels. Andy blogged about […]


NBC’s Videoblogger Jimmy Fallon Cruises for Laughs at CES in Las Vegas

Jimmy Fallon won't go on the air as NBC Late Night Host until March 2, but he's been building an online presence through his video blog,, since early December. In his most recent video, he's goofing around at the CES conference — a logical stomping grounds for a videoblogger trying to build a fanbase […]


Arrington, Swisher Had Multiple, “Biggest Stories” on Techmeme in 2008

Gabe Rivera, the founder and creator of the powerful technology news aggregation site Techmeme, has published a list of the 50 "biggest" stories of 2008.  Michael Arrington, whose site TechCrunch has long lead the Techmeme list of the most popular site on the aggregation site has five of the 50 biggest stories.  The only other […]


Live from Paris, Cest Le Web!

Hey, sorry we can’t be in Paris to attend the Le Web conference now getting underway.  But thanks to Ustream, we can watch and interact.  Cest bonne!  Lots of coverage of the conference on TechCrunch.  Also reporting from Paris is AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher. Predicts What Gadgets Will Sell out First This Holiday

Consumers planning to buy a Wii Fit or Blackberry Storm this holiday season should act fast: Those are some of the gadgets that will disappear first this holiday season, according to the great Sold Out Guide on shopping blog Last month, I interviewed founder Michelle Madhok about the Web 3.0 concept behind the […]


“…the Internet will reverse the dumbing down of news that was caused by television,” says The Times’ Saul Hansell

It was great to have Saul Hansell of The New York Times at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable on Tuesday.  He distills quite a lot in his post this morning on Bits.


The Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable: Live Streaming, Blogging from 30 Rock, Right Here

(Update: The conference ended at noon. The on-demand videos of the event are published above.) The Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable is taking place at the digital cafe today at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City from 9 a.m. to noon, and we're streaming the event live using Mogulus.  For a list of participants, […]


Media Columnist Rachel Sklar To Leave The Huffington Post, Report

Eat the Press editor Rachel Sklar will be leaving The Huffington Post after the election to work on her book, according to a report on Gawker today. Andy interviewed Sklar at the TimeWarner Politics 08 summit earlier this week about online video at The Huffington Post and expansions underway at the site.


Yahoo News Tracks Most Linked-to Blog Posts on New Site

Yahoo service BuzzTracker's "Most Blogged" feature, which tracks the most linked-to blog posts on the Internet, has been incorporated into the Beta version of the Yahoo News page, Yahoo News General Manager Alan Warms says in this interview. Yahoo acquired BuzzTracker last year, which Warms founded, and is tracking posts from 90,000 blogs with its […]


CNN Digital Will Complement TV Debate Tonight

CNN has planned an online experience that complements rather than reproduces the televised broadcast of the presidential debates, according to Alex Wellen, Deputy Political Director of As more and more viewers are watching the broadcast with their laptops close at hand, real-time reactions from CNN analysts, the People Meter, and scorecards have become an […]


Jeff Jarvis: Big Media Companies Need to Reinvent Online Video

Big media companies need to stop imitating traditional television formats in online video, according to BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis. There’s no reason to do stand-ups and b-roll when the Internet provides the opportunity to reinvent the entire format, he says.


Competition Heats Up in Enterprise Twitter Market

Competition is growing in the enterprise Twitter market: Austin-based start-up QikCom, which announced its closed beta launch today, adds some fresh ideas to the concept that won competitor Yammer the top prize at TechCrunch50.


Thomson Reuters Improves Searchability for Blogs, Publishers with Open Calais

Thomson Reuters announced commercial options for its sophisticated metadata generation service Open Calais at the EmTech08 conference last week. Andy interviewed Tom Tague, Vice President of Solutions for Thomson Reuters, about the service and its implications for the semantic web. 

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