Nielsen to Track Online Video Consumption with Audio Signature Files

Accurate monitoring of online video consumption across multiple platforms is not an easy task. But for publishers and advertisers hoping to make a business of this, complete metrics is essential.  Nielsen Online is developing new system to track online video consumption on multiple sites by identifying the distinct "audio signature file" which is specific to […]


Vizu CEO: Pre-Roll Delivers Best Brand Lift Online

In an interview with earlier this month, Vizu CEO Dan Beltramo confirmed what we've been hearing for a while now: Pre-roll is the most effective method of brand advertising online. Period. And he has the numbers to back it up; in a food item campaign Vizu analyzed, pre-roll had six times the brand lift of […]


Vizu CEO: Accountability in Brand Advertising Will Bring the Real Ad Dollars Online

Advertisers spend seven to eight percent of their budgets online, but only a tiny percentage of that goes toward brand advertising, according to Vizu CEO Dan Beltramo. Many prefer click-through ads because they’re easier to measure, but Vizu has developed a brand lift measurement system called Ad Catalyst to help change that.    "With accountability […]


YouTube Has Essential Analytics Tool, Laura Lee

As YouTube expands its offering of professionally produced–and advertising-appropriate–videos, its analytics tool YouTube Insight will become increasingly important. YouTube’s Strategic Partner Development Manager Laura Lee explained the value of YouTube Insight for both content creators and marketers at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable last month. “That tool I think has been really powerful especially to […]


Report: Romania Soars Past U.S. in High-Speed Internet Connectivity

The United States is lagging behind many nations in high-speed Internet connectivity, coming in at eighth place with 26 percent of broadband of users on connections greater than 5 Mbps, Akamai’s "State of the Internet" report shows. South Korea has maintained its top position with 58 percent of broadband users surfing on fast connections, and […]


China Leads in Global Internet Attack Traffic, Akamai Reports

China was the leading source of Internet attack traffic in the three-month period ending September 30, according to Akamai’s quarterly "State of the Internet" report, which the company published today. The United States has maintained its number two spot since Q1, and Japan, which topped the list in Q2, moved down to fifth place.


Yes, UGC Has (Some) Appeal for Advertisers, Senior Ogilvy Exec Tells Beet.TV

User-generated content is notoriously difficult to monetize, but it’s not a lost cause: Ogilvy Group Planning Director Gina de Mendonca says it has potential, especially when professionals play a role in curating it. De Mendonca is a partner at the advertising agency’s digital division neo@Ogilvy, where she works with clients like IBM. "You have to […]


Active Media Streams Soar on Election Day

There are currently over 1.5 million active media streams online, 83 percent more than the daily average, according to data on the Akamai website, indicating higher video consumption likely prompted by the U.S. election. The number of visitors per minute to news websites has also risen, to around 3.4 million in the U.S., 14 percent […]


Online Video Ad Market Will Emulate TV, eMarketer’s David Hallerman

Video advertising in the U.S. only makes up two percent of the online advertising market but will make up 10 percent by 2013, according to eMarketer's August projections, eMarketer analyst David Hallerman said during Beet.TV's online video roundtable Monday. He told me during a video interview that traditional video advertising, such as pre-roll, will compose […]


Yahoo News Tracks Most Linked-to Blog Posts on New Site

Yahoo service BuzzTracker's "Most Blogged" feature, which tracks the most linked-to blog posts on the Internet, has been incorporated into the Beta version of the Yahoo News page, Yahoo News General Manager Alan Warms says in this interview. Yahoo acquired BuzzTracker last year, which Warms founded, and is tracking posts from 90,000 blogs with its […]


BlackArrow Raises $20 Million for Ad Insertion into On-Demand Video

San Mateo-based BlackArrow, a video-ad management system that can insert ads into broadband, video-on-demand and DVR playout, has announced $20 million in new funding, Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch reports. Andy interviewed BlackArrow Senior Vice President Chris Hock early this summer about how their system works.


Akamai Aims to Unite Industry Around Standard Open Video Player

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Content distribution network Akamai Technologies launched in an effort to unite the video publishing industry around an standardized video player. The base source code Akamai contributed to the Open Video Player has already been used by customers including Hulu and The NBA.


Visible Measures To Provide Metrics for MTV Networks

Leading third-party measurement firm Visible Measures announced today that it will provide online video metrics for MTV Networks 340-plus video destination sites.


Me-trics Tracks Users’ Lives Online, Shows Trends in Health, Finances

A person’s activities on Facebook, Flickr, training sites like Nike plus, and credit card purchases all generate data, and Me-trics wants to put it together in one place, co-founder James Vreeland told me after his presentation at TechCrunch50 last Tuesday. He describes the company as "Google Analytics for your life."


Nielsen’s New Out-of-Home TV Rating System Uses Cell Phones to Track Viewing

Nielsen teamed with Integrated Media Mesurement Inc. to create the first out-of-home national television rating system, the companies announced yesterday. IMMI uses cell phones to measure consumers’ media consumption wherever they happen to be, making it possible to track viewing in locations like gyms, offices, and bars.


Pre-Roll Online Video Ads Work, Break Media Study Shows

The vast majority of online video viewers are watching pre-roll and overlay ads, a study released today by Break Media and Panache shows. Completion rates for 15-second pre-roll ads were 87 percent, and 77 percent viewed campaigns with overlay ads for at least 15 seconds.


Technology Spending Stays Strong in Weak Economy

Technology spending might not suffer along with the rest of the economy, a new study by The Consumer Electronics Association and CNET shows. The CEA-CNET Consumer Sentiment Indexes, launched today, map consumer sentiment about technology and the broader economy. Many consumers spent their economic stimulus checks on items like computers, televisions and wireless phones, which […]


Going Deep on Video Viewing Metrics: Visible Measures Tracks Audience Engagement

When online video watchers pause, rewind, and play, Internet video measurement firm Visible Measures knows. The company has developed software that can be integrated with video players to measure not just video views, but audience engagement. Once there are standard metrics for online video ads, publishers could "see bigger ad buys coming online," Visible Measures […]


Attention Online Video Producers: Clips Have a Short Shelf Life, So Promote Them Fast!

PALO ALTO — Online videos have a short shelf life, getting a quarter of their views within four days of being published, Brett Wilson, CEO of video distribution site TubeMogul, says. Content creators who publish a lot of video will have a better shot at success. He suggests that content creators promote their videos hard […]


Google Jumps in to Crowded Web Analytics Market

Google Trends for Websites, launched late last month, reports website traffic, related websites and search terms. In short, the kind of services also offered by Compete and Alexa. Trends for Websites isn’t a serious business tool yet, since the data Google currently provides are estimates based on search volume and search traffic, not accurate numbers. […]

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