Marketers using the conncted TV platform should include interactivity in some form in their spots, says Ashley Swartz in this commentary on connected TVs. In her analysis of a recent YuMe-Magid report on connected TVs, Swartz advises marketers to boost the creative to take advantage of the ROI opportunities in the connected TV market.

That's because connected TV viewers often notice and engage with the ads. The YuMe study found that 70% of connected TV users have interacted with ads. "There is an opportunity to create greater ROI by virtue of actually optimizing the creative and changing the messaging. Very specific calls to action are a great opportunity for a brand," she says in this video commentary. Specifically, YuMe and Magid learned that about 32% of viewers say they've "liked" a brand after seeing a connected TV ad, while one-quarter have clicked a button for more information, and 23% have clicked to see a longer version of the ad.

These findings are a good reminder that marketers should optimize their messaging across screens, by sequencing messages and using them in tandem on multiple pieces of hardware, she explains.

Ashley Swartz is a principal of the New York-based consultancy Furious Minds.  She is former head of the interactive television practice at Digitas. She is a regular contributor to Beet.TV

Daisy Whitney