Time was, Akamai was a plain old content delivery network. Then it began offering video distributors Sola analytics tools to track audience behavior and quality of video service.

Sola‘s latest addition this year, Viewer Diagnostics, aims to tell advertisers and video service operators just how well end users are experiencing their video.

Akamai Video Diagnostics“We can see through color-coding whether the consumer is having good days or bad days,”Akamai product marketing director Kurt Michel tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“We can identify, for 60 days, what the quality of experience was for every different thing they viewed – the bitrate, the startup time, did they experience re-buffering?”

UK online TV and movie VOD outlet Blinkbox last week took on Sola’s Vido Diagnostics, while education-focused video platform Kaltura is using all of Sola’s three analytics capabilities to assess its users’ experience.

We interviewed him recently at the Kaltura video summit in Manhattan where Akamai.