Most brands are still measuring video ads by display metrics, but that’s not the most effective mechanism for the medium, says Avi Brown, CEO of analytics firm BrandAds. His company aims to provide additional insight for video marketers into whether their ads are being seen by moving beyond “banner metrics” of clicks, impressions and completion to include measurement of audience, engagement and effectiveness, he tells us.

“Most brands don’t have the transparency they need into brand lift, viewability, social impact,” he explains. BrandAds hits squarely in the sweet spot of viewability that’s become more important these days. Publicis, for instance, has paired with Vindico to measure viewability, while TubeMogul is leading a consortium of video companies aiming to ensure video ads are seen.

The next step is measuring video across screens. “The brand marketer needs to follow the consumers’ attention so as we shift to connected devices, there needs to be accountability and measurement too,” Brown says. That includes audience metrics, demographics, and engagement metrics to understand how exactly consumers are spending time with the videos. “Brands want to know what resonates in video creative, and effectiveness sliced by demographic,” he said. He expects mobile video ads to take off in the coming year. “Video is one of the most effective mechanisms for advertising on mobile.”

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