COLOGNE — Everyone in media nowadays is eager for more data to inform their business. Now AOL is hoping to bring more data to every part of the video value chain, launching a new tool called Insights.

“There’s such a big gap right now,” AOL Networks international SVP René Rechtman tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “Everybody’s going in to video (without) having real data and insight.”

Available initially through AOL’s recently-christened Be On branded content video unit, of which Rechtman is CEO, Insights leverages data from sources including comScore and Research Now, aiming to show content owners, advertisers and buyers brand uplift, return on investment, quality of content and emotional engagement.

“It’s a data analytics platform, but not in a traditional display performance – that’s not relevant for video. Who cares about CPC, click-through rates etc? It’s about brand, performance… how many people go down to the shop and buy a product when they have watched a video? Very much what we are used to from TV.”

LG has already tested the new platform with Be On. Rechtman is interviewed here for Beet.TV by Furious Minds CEO Ashley Swartz.

“It’s going to be for AOL advertisers but our product team has a vision to open it out to everybody on the internet,” he adds.”